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The 2017 Style Update

The 2017 Style Update - Style and the SassThe 2017 Style Update 1 - Style and the SassThe 2017 Style Update 2 - Style and the Sass

With the new year upon us, it’s the time of year that we start to declutter and have a clear out. Now this goes beyond just our wardrobes, we declutter our friends, nonsense and bad vibes. Sort through our paper work, and finances. We want to enter into the new year with a fresh mind, and ready for the new challenge. As well as all this, us ladies want to update our style and look.

In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about how you can update your style for the new year. I’ll also update you guys on how my style has evolved over the year, and how I plan to update my overall look. I plan to change my hair, and also get into shape (covers face), as my clothes aren’t looking so flattering on me at the moment if I’m honest

The 2017 Style Update 3 - Style and the Sass



Okay so I go through phases when it comes to my staple look. Two years ago or so, I became obsessed with Jordans trainers, I own over 20 pairs (including Nikes and Adidas) that I collected that year. Then I got into boot heels, and now apart from trainers, I have only 3 pairs of flats.


Now the reason why I’m talking about shoes, is simply because I believe shoes have the power to really shape your style. For example, when I was in my trainer phase, I was wearing more hooded jumpers and boyfriend cut jeans. Since moving into my bootie heels phase, I’ve been wearing more skinnier jeans and dressing more feminine and girly. I guess this may not be true to everyone, but I don’t buy shoes often, as I would buy clothes. So what I buy clothing wise, is heavily dependent on what shoes I have. So in essence the accessory that you have the least, will determine the clothes that you buy.


Since starting my blog I’ve mentioned a few times that, blogging made me realise how much of a uniform I had developed. Obviously, this has been influenced by my lifestyle, where I’ve had less nights out and working full time in digital marketing. My staple look had become skinny mom jeans, trainers, long duster coats and a jersey tops. My party heels have collected dust, and I had forgotten the occasional sass there was in my outfits.

The 2017 Style Update 5 - Style and the Sass

The 2017 Style Update 4 - Style and the Sass



During this up and and coming season SS17, there are some key trends to look out for. Inspired by designers such as Burberry, Christopher Kane, Simone Rocha, Mulberry, Zimmermann and much more, trends such as ruffles and exaggerated sleeves, stripes and khakis. As well as keeping an eye out on trends, I aim to add more classic pieces to my collection. This is simply because if you follow trends heavily, you will have a crazy high turn over of clothes. Also by investing in those key wardrobe staples, you will end up saving money in the long run.


So along with my new hairstyle, I’m going to be trying out wearing more skirts and dresses. I have a style inspiration board, and all I seem to be adding skirts and dresses to it constantly. Both of which I don’t have much of. I also used to love tailoring, and have a great collection of blazers. However, the style and cuts of my blazers are looking a little dated, so this section of my wardrobe will need updating too!


Farfetch have created a Capsule Wardrobe Generator, which you can use to generate some recommended items for your 2017 capsule wardrobe. The Capsule Generator, generated me a mix of blazers, leathers and jumpsuits, I love jumpsuits! Let me know what pieces end up in yours, and how you plan to update your staple look for the New Year!

The 2017 Style Update 7 - Style and the SassThe 2017 Style Update 8 - Style and the Sass

The 2017 Style Update 6 - Style and the Sass


Jacket – Moschino via The Outnet (Sold Out)Similar

Top – H&M (Similar)

Skirt – Top Shop

Shoes – Gucci Princetown’s

Bag – Gucci Dionysus

Sunglasses – Prada


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