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A Beauty Filled Evening With Farfetch

An Evening Filled with Beauty - Style and the SassA Beauty Filled Evening With Farfetch - Style and the SassA Beauty Filled Evening With Farfetch 3 - Style and the Sass

Hey Guys, Happy Thursday!

It’s almost the weekend, and I thought I would share with you guys a beauty event I was invited to by Farfetch at the London Make Up School. This was a beauty filled evening, where we where shown demonstrations of how to recreate some of the best beauty looks of 2016. All looks inspired by catwalk shows, from some of the most iconic luxury brands such as Chloé, Bottega Veneta, Miu Miu to name a few. I feature some of my favourite looks in a previous post here.

Beauty has definitely been on my agenda this year, as my make up look was far to basic. I also wasn’t taking good care of my skin, or using many beauty products. Since paying more attention to my skin and giving it the TLC it needed, with a revamp of beauty products used…I have seen an amazing difference! And I , and other people have noticed a difference in my skin and make up game!

Farfetch recently launched a new beauty section to their site, stocking all your fave brands such a Eve Lom, Oskia and Becca. Go and check out the beauty section here.

The Beauty Looks

A Beauty Filled Evening With Farfetch 1 - Style and the Sass



So in my previous post. I talk about how my favourite make up & beauty look of the season was Au Naturale, and Loud Lips. This is because Au Naturale, is the usual look I go for day-to-day, and most nights out. Where as Loud Lips is a look I love, but haven’t got round to try out. Or maybe I haven’t found the perfect shade yet!

So from the event, they had a slightly different take on recreating the Au Naturale look. More skincare went into this look, then make up products, which I was shocked about! Using the right skincare products to prep your face, means that you can actually wear less make up products on your skin. I think it just goes to show how important skincare is. We were also shown the different ways in which, we should be applying products to our faces. For example, you should always apply your foundation in the direction of the muscles in your face, to get a more flawless look. Dunno about you, but I never thought to do that!

Anyway, this look featured was another favourite from the evening, called Eccentric Eyes, inspired by Roksana, Max Mara and Chanel. In comparison to the look they created in their shows, this is a much more toned down, wearable version of this look. I love the blue, sort of silver-ish mauve colours used with this look! I doubt it would suit my skin tone haha! But it might be cool to experiment with other colours.

The look below on the left is another cool one I really liked. This look was inspired by the fruit watermelon, and I love how subtle but vibrant the colors are. This makes this look really wearable, maybe not day-today, but on occasions for those sunny days. This would be the perfect beach look, in a tropical place.

Anyway, there was great food and Prosecco all evening, and it was lovely catching up with some old friends. And It was great making some new ones too. I was also ‘I was given a luxe beauty product in my goodie bag, it was the Sarah Chapman Skenesis Morning Facial. I’ve been using it everyday, and I’ve been loving it so far. I’ll give a full review of it in an up and coming post, so keep an eye out!  

A Beauty Filled Evening With Farfetch 2 - Style and the Sass
A Beauty Filled Evening With Farfetch 4 - Style and the SassA Beauty Filled Evening With Farfetch 7 - Style and the SassA Beauty Filled Evening With Farfetch 6 - Style and the SassA Beauty Filled Evening With Farfetch 5 - Style and the SassA Beauty Filled Evening With Farfetch 8 - Style and the Sass

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, and visiting my blog! I hope you like the beauty look featured. Never miss a post, by following me on Bloglovin. Share the love by liking, sharing and commenting.

Until the next post!

Tash XxX


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