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About - Tasha - Style and the Sass

Hello, and welcome to Style and the Sass!

My name is Tasha, and I’m a twenty-something from London. I’m a digital marketer. In the last 4 years I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing fashion brands. From luxury fashion, high-street and travel on various digital marketing projects!

Style and the Sass is my diary of what I get up to working in the city, as well as my personal style and occasional expensive taste.  You’ll soon find out that I hate matching, I probably wear too much black and I’m still trying to get some abs. I’m not perfect, but I embrace it all so I can become a better version of me.

In case you were wondering, ‘Sass’ is short for sassy.

Take a look around and let me know what you think. If not, drop me a message if you would like to know more about me!

Tash x


The majority of products featured will be an affiliate link. This is means the a small percentage of the sale will come to me. However this will not affect you, or the price of the item. All sponsored posts will be clearly labeled in each post, and all gifted products marked (with c/o or *).

Note to potential collaborators: All products featured will also have a genuine review, regardless if it was a gift or not.