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Blazers & Black Vinyl Trousers

Blazers & Black Vinyl Trousers - Style and the SassBlazers & Black Vinyl Trousers 1 - Style and the SassBlazers & Black Vinyl Trousers 2 - Style and the Sass

Blazers & Addictions

Wearing a blazer has been a long time favourite of mine, however for some reason I fell out of love with them. I guess it’s because I couldn’t find any blazers on the market that fit right. I’m quite curvey – so all the cuts on a blazer needs to be right. Good tailoring is so important – however the best tailoring happens when it’s custom made. This can be quite costly, especially if you prefer the convenience of buying something ready-to-wear.
I have always been a coats and a blazer addict. Half of my wardrobe, and the back of my door, is dedicated to an outrageous amount of coats, jackets and blazers. 2016 was the year I took a break from this addiction. Reiss has done it for me, the last couple of months when it comes to blazers and tailoring. For high-end high street, their blazers are reasonably priced and they also offer a personal tailoring service. So be prepared to see more of this on the blog.

Blazers & Black Vinyl Trousers 3 - Style and the Sass

Blazers & Black Vinyl Trousers 4 - Style and the Sass

Vinyl Trouser Trend


Vinyl, and especially vinyl trousers and jackets, became a hot trend last summer. Celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Alexa Chung and Beyoncé were all rocking this wet look style. It was also huge during Fashion Week in Feb 2017, most notably with red vinyl trousers. Other designer brands such as Versace and Miu Miu, have also produced some great vinyl trousers and jackets.


In this particular look I chose to style my trousers with this Reiss blazer I picked up in sale, and of course my new Pochette Métis. This pair of vinyl trousers came from ASOS, in the style of their Rivington jeans. I love the sassy but chic twist on this outfit, with the tailoring, vinyl and monogram bag clashing. Others have styled vinyl trousers with trench coats, which I really like. This adds a modern twist to a traditional spring outfit.


The craze has moved onto vinyl coats and jackets, however I already own a red one. So I personally won’t be investing, otherwise it will be too much. It will be interesting to see how far this trend will go, and if everyone is still wearing vinyl next year. For now, this trend is still going strong, and now many pieces are in sale!

Blazers & Black Vinyl Trousers 5 - Style and the SassBlazers & Black Vinyl Trousers 6 - Style and the SassBlazers & Black Vinyl Trousers 7 - Style and the Sass

The Outfit


Blazer – Reiss (Similar) 

Vinyl Trousers – ASOS

Bag – Louis Vuitton

Shoes – Top Shop (Similar)

Sunglasses – Ray Ban  

Blazers & Black Vinyl Trousers 8 - Style and the Sass

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  1. 4th April 2017 / 11:25 am

    Love your style 🙌🏾. I am in need of a black blazer right now but like you said the prefect tailored is a customised one 😉👌🏾. Love your sandal again you have amazing taste 😘

    • tasha
      5th April 2017 / 12:46 am

      Thank you so much Nash! Loving you’re style too. Yes customised ones are best, however Reiss does also offer that service and take it in how you want. Check it out!

  2. 5th October 2020 / 6:57 pm

    Nice post and it looks good blazers and black vinyl trousers. Thanks for sharing.

    • tasha
      9th November 2020 / 9:29 pm

      No worries! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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