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Coach Rogue Bag & Spring Power Dressing

Coach Rogue Bag & Spring Power Dressing - Malone Souliers shoes- style and the SassCoach Rogue Bag & Spring Power Dressing 1 - Malone Souliers shoes- Style and the Sass

Photography: Burchardtlens

The act of power dressing, is to dress in a manor to show that you hold a position of importance, typically in the workplace. That being said, your choice of clothing day-to-day is often a reflection of your state of mind. Many studies have been conducted that also proves this. Tailoring is supposed to give you the feelings of empowerment and confidence, especially in the work place. This is why woman of power, or of seniority usually wear tailored pieces to work.

Working in digital marketing, everyone comes to work in smart casual clothing, however only senior managers you will find wearing tailored pieces.  When I started out as a graduate I used to come to work wearing trainers, and the more senior I have become, my footwear has also made the transition. Consequently, my choice of clothing to work has become slightly more formal as opposed to relaxed casual, to compliment my choice in footwear. My shoes give me that sass I need to get stuff done at work, and overall make me more efficient.

Coach Rogue Bag & Spring Power Dressing 3 - Malone Souliers shoes- Style and the Sass

Coach Rogue Bag & Power Accessories

Having a good bag is something every woman needs to conquer the world. This was my caption on one of my latest Instagram posts, and is something I live by day-to-day. As a bag lover, the style and the quality is of high importance – especially when it comes to luxury. You need the perfect bag for every occasion.


This bag  from Coach is made from genuine glove-tanned pebbled leather, meaning that the leather is soft, but it’s quite durable and less likely to scratch. It comes with two outer pockets with navy blue suede lining, and a French purse (so useful!) in the inside. It also has removable straps, however I prefer to carry it by the top handles to make it look more chic. The hardware is a dark grey, almost black and metal feet, to protect the base of the bag.


The Coach Rogue bag has become my go-to, to take to work on my power dressing days, on those days that I go to client meetings. With ‘utility chic’ styling a big trend this season, this bag compliments the current colour way of my spring wardrobe. Working in digital marketing, this outfit strikes the balance of smart, with light tailoring but fashion! Neutral tones, military greens and camel are the main colours I have been buying, so it makes the perfect addition to my collection.


Power accessories are those statement bags, shoes and jewellery that take your outfit to that next level. Not only do good accessories amplify your outfit, it also allows you smarten up a casual outfit. I styled this look with my statement Malone Souliers mules, which are THE most comfortable heels I own. These are perfect for the long days, but provide that desired elevation.

Coach Rogue Bag & Spring Power Dressing 5 - Malone Souliers shoes- Style and the Sass


Power Dressing Tips

Power dressing is great way to boost your confidence and to be more efficient in tasks you want to accomplish.  Now apart from clothing, having the ultimate accessories also does the job. Wearing heels ads that air of seniority to my daily smart casual look. So here are a few tips:

Statement Shoes

This one is a major one for me. Heels make me walk taller (obviously), and make me feel invincible. For you this may be wearing a smart loafer, but what ever it is, choose shoes that give you and make you feel like you have that added sass!

Personal Appearance

This is about taking care of how you look, and how you present yourself daily. For example, always ensure that your shirt is ironed, nails are freshly painted, including toes (pet hate) and you’re hair is combed. Looking presentable always gives off a good impression.


When buying clothes, always opt for more luxe, quality fabrics. I spoke about this previously, in my post ‘5 Reasons Why You Invest in Your Basics’, as cheaper fabrics don’t last, and look worn quickly. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and acrylic can sometimes cause irritation to the skin! Organic fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk, and cashmere look more luxe, and are more durable. This is a great method of modern power dressing, which may not consist of tailoring.


A properly tailored and fitted blazer instantly smartens up any outfit, and is another confidence booster. In addition, wearing suit sets is also a current trend, which is great if you work in a more formal environment. It’s important to ensure that the blazer (or suit) fits you properly, by getting it tailored, shopping from stores that offer this service such as Reiss for example. I have a post about how I style one of their blazers with vinyl trousers.

If you have any other tips that you do, that give you that confidence injection you need, I would love to hear about it.

 Coach Rogue Bag & Spring Power Dressing 4 - Malone Souliers shoes- Style and the Sass
Coach Rogue Bag & Spring Power Dressing 6 - Malone Souliers shoes- Style and the Sass

The Outfit

Tailored Gilet – Top Shop (Old)

V-neck T-Shirt – ASOS

Trousers – ASOS Similar

Bag* – Coach Rogue

Shoes – Malone Souliers 

*The bag featured was kindly gifted to me by Coach.

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