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Fashion Blogging: A Year Later

Fashion Blogging: A Year Later - Style and the SassFashion Blogging: A Year Later 4 - Style and the SassFashion Blogging: A Year Later 1 - Style and the Sass

Hi Guys, Happy Monday!

Today’s post is all about fashion blogging, and a little celebration post, as my blog turned one over the weekend! I’m back at work today, after a week off. I was hoping it was going to be a super productive one, building content and doing life admin. Truth is I only got half of it done. Mainly because I was super tired, then fell sick slightly towards the end, and then had a jam-packed weekend, full of church and weddings.

Anyway, I’m excited to kick off an epic week, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for my corner of the internet. When I started this blog, it was literally to fulfil something I always wanted to do, and use it as a place to express my fashion addictions. I’m surprised by how much I have enjoyed doing this, despite the time and effort that goes in to producing blog posts; and to do it consistently. I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen of me so far, and can see the progress I’ve made, from when I wrote my first blog post ‘The Prelude’.  *Covers face*

I’ve used this year to find my feet, work out what my style is, writing and photography. Even my Instagram has seen a few themes…I’m not perfect, nor is my blog where I want it to be yet. I’m still working on making it as perfect as it can be. I still want to try and keep it fresh, so expect to see the blog change as it evolves over time, as I change. So, thank you to everyone who has supported, read, stopped by and left a comment. I’m also grateful to the brands I’ve collaborated with too! This year has been amazing, and now the prelude is over I guess this is the interlude…about to the main verse. Not sure if that works haha!

Fashion Blogging: A Year Later 2 - Style and the Sass


Okay so every time someone hears of a new fashion blog, or blogger…people sometimes give that ‘another one’ eye roll. To be honest yes, the world of fashion blogging is saturated. And yes, there are qualities you need to possess to be a successful blogger. To be honest, in my humble opinion, some of it is sheer luck, coupled with these qualities as follows:

  • Quality unique images – Are your images recognisable? For example, influencers such as Lorna Luxe is great at this. When you see her imagery, you know it’s her! Which also brings me onto my next point:
  • Branding & Messaging – Does your blog, and social profiles flow together so people can easily identify with your brand? Do you communicate a consistent message to your target audience, or main audience?
  • Consistency – Now I know I’m guilty of this. But are you posting on particular days every week, consistently? I saw spikes in growth on my blog each time I had a run of posting consistently on Mondays and Thursdays. Even when I didn’t post, traffic would spike on those days. Why? Because people know there should be a new post on the blog. What happens when people keep visiting, and there’s nothing new to see? They all keep it pushing, and replace you with the next blogger!
  • Find a Niche – Whatever your blog is about, find a niche to layer into it. Or for some to focus on it. As there are now millions of fashion blogs out there, it’s hard to stand out with so much noise going on in the bloggersphere. So, it’s important to find your niche, and serve it well. I also write about inspiration and personal development, as it’s a passion of mine, and it’s the second biggest topic on my blog. Engagement and traffic wise!

Whatever you decide to do, do it and stick to it. I speak more of my personal learnings in my post ‘6 Months Blogging – Lessons Learnt’. Yes, the fashion blogging scene is supper busy. Is there space for one more? Why not? Everything runs in cycles and seasons, when it’s your season, you will shine and own it. Bloggers and their respective blogs, feeds the desire of people to consume content, and get relatable endorsements and reviews. I know when you follow the above, you will notice some positive changes in your blogging life!

Fashion Blogging: A Year Later 3 - Style and the Sass

Fashion Blogging: A Year Later 5 - Style and the Sass


Jumpsuit – ASOS 

Jacket – Top Shop – Sold Out  (Similar) 

Bag – Gucci 

Shoes – Top Shop (Old)

Thank you so much as always for reading my post! I would love to hear your take on fashion blogging, and if you think there is any point in starting now? If you haven’t done so already, please go and enter my giveaway here, and get an exclusive discount code on a brand new luxury wood watch!

Until the next post lovely.

Tash Xx


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