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The Art of Gift Giving this Season

The Art of Gift Giving this Season - Kipling Pouch & Shopper - Style and the SassThe Art of Gift Giving this Season - Kipling Pouch & Zoeva makeup brushes - Style and the SassToday’s post is about gift giving. It’s Christmas Eve, and I’ve finally managed to complete all my Christmas shopping. This year, I’ve bought more gifts then I did last year. I’ve always believed there is a greater blessing in giving than receiving. However, this year I’ve really understood what this meant. I’ve never been that person to receive many gifts for my birthday or even Christmas. I always think you should treat yourself! Why wait for someone to do so?

This year has been defining in many of my relationships and on some occasions testing. However, in all things, you should show love to all (Mattew 5:44), you may be surprised by the outcome. Everything I have given, I received a double blessing. But the best thing of all is making someone happy and making someone’s day!

This year I’ve made it my mission to honour those who have been impactful in my life, and to let people know that I am there if needed. Christmas, a joyful occasion filled with love and happiness, but can also be a time of loneliness and depression. So if you can be there for someone, or even let them know that you’re thinking of them do so. The time you give to others is also a gift. Never underestimate the power and comfort ‘company’ can bring.

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Gift Giving

Kipling is a bit of a nostalgic brand for me, as I mentioned in my ‘Business Travel Essentials’ post.  My mum bought me a bag from this brand for my school trip to Paris, when I was in school. So I know she will love this when I give these items to her!

The Hip Hurray 5 shopper bag, makes the perfect gift for someone who is busy and travels often. The bag is lightweight and foldable into a tinny pouch. It’s also waterproof, perfect for those rainy days we never seem to catch a break from in London. If you’re like me and comes backs from a holiday or a work trip with more then I packed. Then a bag like this is your life saver! I got this is black as it goes with everything or most things.

I love little pouches for your makeup, or for stationary you may keep in your bag. The Gleam Printed Pouch comes in four other colours and prints, and is lightweight! Perfect for holding cosmetics and makeup brushes without ruining the inside of your bag. Again the perfect for being on the go, and it won’t get dirty too quickly as it’s easier to clean. This makes the perfect gift for the makeup lover or that bag hoarder. You know the women who like to carry everything in their handbag, along with the kitchen sink haha!

I’m so happy to be participating in all the gift giving that’s taking place this season. If you still have presents to buy, then check out my Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide! And grateful for the gifts I’ve received so far! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, filled with love and laughter. Now it’s time to prep for the new year!

The Art of Gift Giving this Season - Kipling Shopper - Style and the Sass
The Art of Gift Giving this Season 3 - Kipling Pouch & Zoeva makeup brushes - Style and the Sass

The Art of Gift Giving this Season 4 - Kipling Pouch & Shopper - Style and the Sass

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