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How to Live in the Moment

How to Live in the Moment - Style and the SassHow to Live in the Moment 2 - Style and the SassHey Beauts! Happy Monday!

Today I’m going to talk about how you can live in the moment, and enjoy it with no regrets. It’s been a stressful week or two, work wise…and the weekends are never long enough. I know we all feel like this from time-to-time. Sometimes we over work ourselves, and forget to do the things we love, spending time with friends and family, or it could even be your faith.

Sometimes you just need to take a time out, and just live in the moment. Now if you’ve been following my blog, you will know that I am a very goal orientated person. I have posts on this such as ‘New Year, New Goals’, have a read, if you haven’t done so already! Being too goal orientated sometimes means you forget to live in the moment, to chill out and to take everyday as it comes. Yes it’s important to achieve those goals, but it’s also important to let your hair down.

Why is living in the moment important? Well if you don’t take a break or do something spontaneous, life becomes the same old boring routine. This sometimes can kill your creativity, and you loose the will to do something new, and you become frustrated with your surroundings. I have a few tips on how to avoid this:

3 Tips to Live in the Moment 

How to Live in the Moment 1 - Style and the Sass

  • Be Spontaneous – You might like to go home early on a Tuesday, as you know you have work the next day. Just go and meet your friends you haven’t seen in ages, so they don’t forget about you. Make plans on the fly! The best nights I’ve had have been totally unplanned. Recently I went out for a meal with my friend in Shoreditch, we bumped into some more friends on the way home. Had a debate in the middle of the road, and then ended up at a bar. And yes I got home at 3 am haha! But I had the best time!
  • Stop Worrying – This is so time consuming and unhealthy! We worry because we want a particular outcome of a situation. Truth is, we worry because we don’t have full confidence in what we want the outcome to be, which = lack of faith. Know that you got this, and go about your business. Time spent worrying, is time you could be using to change a situation. Make sure you put your all in everything, and be the director of your day and destiny!
  • Put Yourself Out There – Go to that networking event on your own, meet new people without the distraction of a friend. Volunteer to do that job everyone else is shy to do. Try that thing you’ve always wanted to do, but have been too shy to do it. Or it could be putting your feelings on the table to that special person. What ever it is what’s the worst that can happen? Get the gist?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, and visiting my blog. I hope you start living in the moment! It would be great to hear your tips! If you want to read more posts like this, follow me on Bloglovin, and feel free to like share and comment. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, for my OOTD’s and ramblings.

Until the next post!

Tash XxX



  1. 15th September 2016 / 12:47 pm

    Yaaaaaas hunnaaaaay! I’m all for this post! And I’m defo working on unleashing my inner spontaneity!

    Thanks Tash! x

    • tasha
      16th September 2016 / 4:42 pm

      Hahah thanks! Let me know what you get up to being spontaneous and living in the moment! Xx

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