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Juju's Beauty Salon - Nail polish wall stand - style and the sassJuju's Beauty Salon - reception desk- style and the sassnail quote - style and the sassJuju’s Beauty Salon kindly invited me down to their Camden studio for a complimentary manicure. This offer came at the right time, as I had taken off my acrylic nail extensions a few weeks prior and they looked awful! I decided to make this switch and go natural nails as my nails haven’t had a break since 2017. I always prefer acrylics over gel as for me and my nails this causes less damage. With gel nails, it got to a stage where my nails would be so weak and painful, that even washing my hands became an ordeal. This is because to re-do the gels it all has to come off with acetone and then filled! So if your nails a weak naturally I wouldn’t recommend.

In this post, I’m going to give you my review of the salon and general tips in looking after your nails post nail extensions. Doing nails isn’t for everyone, and if you’re like me and always want boss b*%ch nails you need to give them a break! Your nails will be weak and brittle, but it’s important to have a good manicure to take care of them regularly. This will help your nails grow back healthier.

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Manicure on Natural Nails

My nails were in a state, and the lovely nail technician did such an amazing job to get my nails looking nice and healthy again! She explained that making sure the cuticles are always pushed back on your nails. This is important as cuticles protect both your nails and the skin surrounding them from infection. You also need to make sure you only cut off the loose hangings, and not cut them as your skin around the nail will fray. Using olive oil as a cuticle oil is another great tip!

The nail technician advised I use a glitter nail polish as you could see the grooves of where the nail had last been filed down when I used to do acrylics. This meant that even if my nails were painted, you could still see the grooves.  The glittery nail polish creates an illusion that the nail is smooth. As my nails were so brittle at the ends, she also had to do a silk wrap around one of my nails. This was because it has cracked too far down the nail. It protected my nail, but still looked natural at the same time.

Overall it was a lovely experience! The nail salon is pretty close to Camden Town station, roughly a 5 min walk or less. They offer a wide range of beauty treatments such as facials, eyelash extensions, massages as well as male grooming too! If you’re in the Camden area, then this beauty salon is worth the visit for a fab pamper day!

*Disclaimer: The manicure was complimentary.

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