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Long Coats & Mild December Mornings

Long Coats & Mild December Mornings - Style and the SassLong Coats & Mild December Mornings 1 - Style and the SassLong Coats & Mild December Mornings 2 - Style and the Sass

Photography: Taislany

Long coats, have been an autumn winter staple for me for the last 2 years or so! To the point I have collected a ridiculous amount of coats and jackets! They add some casual chic to your outfit, but can easily be dressed up for dinner or drinks. In this post I’m going to be talking about my new long coat favourite, and how versatile they can be.

The last two weeks have been my most busiest and stressful! Problems with my eyes, meant that I was finding it difficult to read. This obviously meant I was slow working as I couldn’t read, which meant that writing and blogging went out the window too! But I’m back, and more than ready for 2017!


Long Coats & Mild December Mornings 3 - Style and the Sass

Wool-Blend Long Coats 


As I said, I love long coats. I have more long coats, than any other coat or jacket in my collection. I have these type of coats in a few colours, like your standard camel coloured one, and duster style in lighter fabrics for spring-summer looks. But this is my first one in a dogtooth print. I had been eyeing this coat for the longest time, and I even missed out on it, during the black Friday sales! But then H&M got it back in stock! So I wasted no time time ordering this.


This particular long coat is wool-blend, meaning that it’s not 100% wool; I believe it’s only 40%. I personally try to invest in the best quality staples, that won’t break the bank obviously. However in this case, I didn’t want to spend to much on a coat like this, especially as I own almost 20 different coats and jackets….yes…20! I guess I love outerwear! So this was a cheeky purchase, and fully unjustified in all honesty. If you’re after longevity in a long coat, then I would recommend a real wool one. Wool coats tend to be more expensive, but it is an investment worth while!


What I do love about this coat, is that for the price, and fabric being wool-blend, is the quality! I’ve worn it non-stop since I got it, and it’s been perfect as the past week or so has been pretty mild, in comparison to the start of December when it was freezing. Despite the print, it’s also been pretty easy to style. On this occasion, I went for an all black/ grey look with my Prisma bag by Alexander Wang. The shoes I won’t lie, were an odd choice, considering it’s December but I really wasn’t that cold! They also went really well with the outfit!

Long Coats & Mild December Mornings 4 - Style and the SassLong Coats & Mild December Mornings 5 - Style and the SassLong Coats & Mild December Mornings 6 - Style and the Sass

The Outfit

Coat – H&M

T-Shirt – Isabel Marant Etolie

Jeans – ASOS (I cut the hems off)

Bag – Alexander Wang

Shoes – Office (Sold Out)

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