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My Birthday & 3 Lessons Learnt

Tasha's Birthday - Style and the SassTasha's Birthday 2 - Style and the Sass

Hey Guys!

So it was my birthday last Monday! Another chapter twenty something, and all that jazz haha! I actually spent it in Milan, which was great as I never travel on my birthday. Now I spent ages debating wether I should feature these pictures. If I’m honest these pictures aren’t perfect, well not to the standard I would personally like. But hay life isn’t perfect!

So on the Monday, I decided to go Nobu in Milan for my dinner…I know it’s not Italian (covers face), but I went on holiday with some fussy eaters! Naming no names haha. Anyway, on our way to the restaurant, my camera battery died so couldn’t take any pics of the amazing food. If you follow me on Snap Chat, you would have seen. I love black cod, so this made my evening. When we got back to the hotel, Something was up with the camera settings! What a stress, couldn’t work out how to fix it, and to top it off…my friend was half sleeping by this point when taking these pictures haha.

The Birthday Dress

I recently stumbled upon the new(ish) brand Never Fully Dressed, and I’ve been hooked since! Their dresses are everything, at good value for what they are, but have I no where to wear them all to. I then found this really simple, but chic dress called the Maxi Satin Oyster, and had to buy it. It’s a beautiful satin wrap dress, but what I love about it most of all is that, it can also be worn as a duster coat. This is like two products in one, similar to the Top Shop satin bomber! I think clothing like this are amazing pieces to get as much use out of it as !

3 Lessons Learnt

Tasha's Birthday 1 - Style and the Sass

Okay so the last two years of my life have been really defining. I lost my dad, followed by a stream of family issues, work changes, dynamics in relationships and friendships changing and so much went on. Anyway, I’m over most if not all of these and I’ve learnt so much. So here’s some personal insights into what I’ve learned in the process.

1. It’s Never Too Late

This lesson has been important to me, as I put off doing so many things I wanted to do with my life, thinking it was too late, or I’m too old or any other excuse! Then I remembered uni… when I started at Brunel a couple of years ago, I remember there being a little old man, who used to live in the student halls next to mine. This man was in  his 80’s if I remember correctly, and I remember feeling so inspired as getting a degree was his dream. Life just got in the way for him, but he didn’t let his age or his stage in life stop him from achieving his dream.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t let your surroundings stop you, from doing what you want to do. I love piano, but my parents could never afford to get me lessons. I started to learn last year, I stopped recently due to the cost! But I’ve continued learning on my own. And I’ve already had the pleasure of performing at a mini concert! I always thought it was something you had to do when you were young.

More recently, I’ve also started a blog (obviously haha)! I speak about it in my ‘6 months blogging – lessons learnt post’, but I had so many bumps, when I tried to start this years ago. The bloggers who started out around that time I was going to, have succeeded, and I felt it was too late and over saturated. But in November I thought Tasha just do it mate, whats the worst that could happen?

Also, what I thought my life would be like at 25….I’m far from that. It really did’t and hasn’t happened yet! And you know what, that’s okay! It’s annoying hearing people moan about being single, wanting to get married, not owning a house yet, or that car yet blah blah! I used to be like that, but then when you focus on these ‘achievements’, these can literally take over your life and bring you down. Nothing is ever too late! You can find love, buy a house and even get a degree when ever you want. How do you even know if these things will make you happy? Do you, and don’t try and keep up with the Jones!

The key to happiness is knowing and understanding your purpose, it may take a while to find it. But when you do, everything will fall into place. Remembering that you are the controller of your destiny, and making a change when you need to!

2. Take Risks

Cliché I know, but it’s important. I’ve taken more risks in the past year, than any other period in my life! I’ve tried things I’ve never done before, and put myself out there in situations that used to scare me. And do you know what? I’ve learned more about myself doing this, rather than sticking to what I know to be safe.
You know what they say, if you you do what you always done… then you will get what you’ve always had!

3. Pick Your Worries Wisely

Sometimes when bad things happen, it makes you realise there are more important things in life. So many things used bother me, now they don’t…why? Worry about the things worth worrying about. Be aware of your environment, and where you fit into other peoples lives.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my very long post! I won’t milk my birthday anymore haha! If you want to read more posts like this, follow me on Bloglovin.  Let me know what you think of my birthday dress. Share the love by liking, sharing and commenting.

Until the next post!

Tash XxX


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  1. 8th August 2016 / 12:51 pm

    Wow, the last one really struck me. I always worry about the simplest thing which is not the best for my mental health. I guess I should focus on doing more of what I love and to not sweat the small stuff.

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