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Nail Polish & Luxury Lacquers

Nail Polish and luxury lacquers are a firm part of my beauty routine. In fact, I was a nail art fanatic a few years ago! Nail art was the first images I shared when I first started my Instagram account. These days I like a more simple or minimalistic look on my nails, so I stick to one block colour. The lovely Roxanne Campbell, a lead Manicurist and Nail Artist, has launched her own luxury nail lacquers. I’ve given the pleasure of trying out her latest winter collection, and so far so good! Roxanne is also the lead Manicurist and Nail Artist at London and New York Fashion Weeks too!

I’ve been gone for a while, but slowly making a comeback! Life, I guess got in the way, and I’ve become more conscious of me overworking. However, that being said I have some fresh inspiration and looking forward to what this year lies ahead! Remeber change brings about movement. If you feel stagnant and feel like you’re not moving forward then it’s time to switch up your strategy and change!

 Nail Polish & Luxury Lacquers 1 - Porter Magazine - Style and the Sass

Nail Polish x Luxury Lacquers x Roxanne Campbell

Roxanne Campbell’s winter collection is made up of two rich winter shades, and a cool ice grey nail polish. Wine and Dine is a deep burgundy shade, like a glass of Malbec for my red wine lovers. Expensive Taste is a deep brown colour, almost black but it’s just gorgeous, and id my favourite shade in the winter collection. Bown nail polish has never been my thing, but after wearing this, and the compliments I’ve received I’m a convert!

The grey is my second favourite, and the colour I wore all of December and the beginning of January before I decided t0 give it a break. Not many nail polish or nail lacquer brands do grey quite right in a polish. But the Roxanne Campbell one, however, is amazing! And surprisingly suited my skin tone too! The nail lacquers also work really well on acrylic nails.



“The best things in life are free. The second best things in life are expensive” – Coco Chanel








“Every silver lining has a touch of grey”

 Nail Polish & Luxury Lacquers 3 - Kurt Geiger Silver Boots - Style and the Sass

The Outfit x Collection

Nail Laquers – Roxanne Campbell 

Dress – Zara (old) – Similar

Jeans – ASOS

Bag – Gucci

Shoes – Gucci

Magazine – PORTER



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