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New Year, New Strategy 2017

New Year, New Strategy 2017 - Style and the SassNew Year, New Strategy 2017 - style and the SassNew Year, New Strategy 2017 2 - Style and the Sass

It’s a new year! I still can’t get over how quickly 2016 passed and 2017 is probably going to fly by. With that being said, it would be a shame to let another year go by without achieving your goals! If things didn’t go the way you wanted it, then it’s time for a new strategy.

In the post I wrote this time last year, I mentioned how I prefer to make six month goals, rather than yearly ones. I find that setting yourself six month goals, drives you to utilise your time more effectively, and increase the rate at which you are working. This is simply because you know that you have to account for something when it hits June. These six month goals should be milestones that help you reach your overall long term goals. I adopted this strategy two years ago or so, and I noticed a difference in my personal progress.

WHY IS RE-STRATEGISING IMPORTANT?New Year, New Strategy 2017 4 - style and the Sass

So last year you didn’t achieve all your goals, for various reasons. Or just mainly, due to various excuses…lets be real. We all make plenty of excuses, but we need to be honest with ourselves and address it to move forward! It might be that you did actually achieve your goals, but you want to to make this year more epic than the last. Which ever box you fit into, you can’t see that change if you continue doing what you did last year. That’s why having a new strategy is so important!

As part of this, it’s also important to plan and seek advice from credible people. Friends and family, or even mentors who you think are more skilled or knowledgeable in those areas. Get the right advice, build or collect the right resources, plan and schedule. Make sure you set your self SMART goals, and make them happen. Plan so effectively that you start on 2018 goals before it hits December 31st. I hate that people wait until January to start something they have been meaning to do for months- just get started, it’s another excuse!

New Year, New Strategy 2017 3 - Style and the Sass


Okay… I have so many plans for 2017 that I would be a fool to list it here, many of which are personal. However, I will share some general strategies I will be implementing this year to help facilitate my goals.

  • Positivity – Like attracts like. We all know about the law of attraction? Positivity attracts positive things, and negative attracts negative in essence. This year I’m going to thank God more often, for the things I have been blessed with. In doing this, I will  make sure I surround myself with lots of positivity.
  • Vision board – I love this concept, and after seeing my friend Pilar and her friends doing it a few days ago, I thought I need to do one. Writing down your goals is one thing, but visualising it so it becomes a reality is another. Having a vision board as a constant reminder of why you wake up at 6.30am everyday and work so hard, goes a long way. It becomes a constant source of motivation.
  • Faith – If you start something, doubt yourself… then stop. You’ve already set yourself up to fail. It’s like what I said on my latest Instagram post. “The just shall live by faith” (Romans 1:17) – not by facts! The facts are the realities that mean you’re not qualified. Faith is knowing that it is already done, before it’s even happened. Knowing that you’ve already slayed, before you’ve even started! Making God the centre of it all!
  • Less talking, more doing – Not everyday must you tell people your plans. After all, it may not always work out the way you expected it to. Worst thing is to become someone who always has an idea, collecting contacts and information… but nothing happens. Keep your plans to yourself, and consult the right people.
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New Year, New Strategy 2017 8 - Style and the Sass


I hope you found today’s post useful, and you enjoyed some of my favourite shots from my blog during 2016. I hope you see the same progress I see from some of my earlier blog photos, and how far I have come. Even when it comes to my writing, I know it wasn’t the best in the beginning. Expect to see some change, change for the better on this blog and with my style. I’m walking into 2017 owning it, and owning my corner of the internet. After all… why work so hard to stay the same?!


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