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The Pochette Métis by Louis Vuitton

The Pochette Métis by Louis Vuitton - Style and the SassThe Pochette Métis by Louis Vuitton 1 - Style and the SassThe Pochette Métis by Louis Vuitton 5 - Style and the Sass

I’ve been out of action for a minute during February. Juggling work, which has become more demanding, and blogging is more difficult than I thought. When I started this blog, I was way more junior with so much time on my hands. Being responsible for a team, and clients  it definitely requires way more of me. Subsequently, my blog suffered a little. So today’s post is about my little present from me, to me, after such a busy period. I present to you my Pochette Métis, by Louis Vuitton.

The Pochette Métis by Louis Vuitton 2 - Style and the Sass

Monogram Bags & Pochette Métis

While growing up I was never really into bags. I would buy a bag and use it to death, then get a new one. At uni I had a purple bag from Aldo, which I loved and wore to death, but was so angry by how fast it fell apart! So I made a decision to only buy real leather bags. This was the start of my bag journey, and transitioning into the collection I have now.

More recently, my bag collection has become more luxury than high street. I realised that I actually have a huge love for bags,  I just couldn’t afford the bags I really wanted growing up. Now I appreciate the quality of the fabrics and leathers used, and the craftsmanship of bags now. I got so tired of how quickly bags fell apart, and the money wasted – when it could have been invested into something better!

Since I’ve started growing my bag collection, I now own three monogrammed bags. Two of which are from Louis Vuitton. I wasn’t a fan before as I thought monogrammed bags were a bit ‘look at me’, and dated. In the last two years or so with Alessandro Michele creative revival of Gucci, monogrammed bags are back in with a chic modern twist.

The Pochette Métis is a canvas bag, with three internal compartments, and a little pocket at the back with a zip. It also features natural cowhide leather trims and gold hardware. This bag is very hard to come buy, so you may have to wait a few weeks – or contact Louis Vuitton and let them know about your interest. This is how I purchased mine.

I love how versatile this bag is. In this look I style it with a statement jacket, jeans and a tee, but it also looks great with a tailored look too. So warning, you will be seeing this bag a lot on the blog!

The Pochette Métis by Louis Vuitton 3 - Style and the SassThe Pochette Métis by Louis Vuitton 4 - Style and the SassiThe Pochette Métis by Louis Vuitton 7 - Style and the Sass

The Outfit

Bag – Louis Vuitton

Jacket – Zara (Sold Out)

T-Shirt – Isabel Marant Étoile

Jeans – Top Shop

Shoes – Top Shop (Old)

iThe Pochette Métis by Louis Vuitton 6 - Style and the Sass
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