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Tuesdays Greetings!

In today’s post I thought I would spread some Tuesday motivation, and talk about revamping your career. Everyone gets to a stage where they start to get bored of the day-to-day, same old thing at work. If your heart breaks every time your alarm goes off in the morning…then this may be a sign that it’s time to have a career and job check.

You may love what you do, but do you love your job? Are you progressing in your chosen career as you should be, or are you stagnant? Is the company you work for, a place you can grow in your area of expertise? These are the questions that run through my mind when I feel like this. Below are some tips you can use to revamp your career:


If you’ve been in a role for some time now, doing the same old thing. Not really learning anything new… is it time to move on? The question is how long do you stay in a role or position, before you take the plunge to leave?

I guess with something like this, it can be very subjective, and dependent on many variables. I used to have a plan in my mind, that I must get promoted in a year of each position. If I don’t, I need to learn what I need to know, or gain experience. I’ve realised now, that the more senior you become, promotions don’t and won’t come that frequent. You really have to do more to stand out!

My advice is not to get stuck in a routine, but assess if there is room to grow and develop at the company your at. There may be plenty of room, but you may need to learn or gain experience in those areas. It also doesn’t look good if you bounce from role to role, it shows that you’re never satisfied or committed. You need to carefully discern the situation and find a balance, and make the right decision.


It’s important to set realistic goals for yourself once you decide you want a change in your career. Set yourself some SMART objectives, I outlined what these are in my New Year, New Goals post here. Know what you would like to achieve in the next 5 years, and where you want to be. Then set yourself yearly goals, that contribute to the elements of your 5 year plan.

Every now and again, check your progress. Assess the factors that are either holding you back or pushing you forward and go from there.


I’ve learnt in the past year you can’t be a master of many things. I would often try to learn everything and try and be the best with all these things. What happens is you become okay at many things, a basic all-rounder – however what really makes you stand out is the work you produce in the area of skill that you excel in.

Focus on what you are good at, and capitalise in the areas that will make you stand out. Make sure you keep learning. Become an expert in the areas you enjoy. Constantly think of innovative ways to add to your knowledge bank.


Theres a saying that goes “if you do what you’ve always done, then you will get what you have always gotten” (Tony Robbins). If you wan’t to see a change not just in your career but your life you must take risks. You will never know if you have made the right decision until you’ve made it. You just need that leap of faith.

I hope you guys find this useful. Until the next post!

Tash XxX


  1. Boris
    17th March 2016 / 10:49 pm

    Solid post

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