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The Secret to Bouncing Back – Breaks!

The Secret to Bouncing Back - Breaks - Style and the SassThe Secret to Bouncing Back - Breaks 1 - Style and the Sass

Hi Lovelies, Happy Friday!

In today’s post I’m going to be talking about what my main secret is, to bouncing back. Which is, for me, taking a break! Those of you who have been following my blog will have noticed that last week there were no posts. I was still active on my social channels, but I decided to take a break from posting. In my previous post ‘6 Months Blogging – Lessons Learnt’, one of the things I mentioned was stock piling content in advance! And last week I completely ran out of content. I had so many ideas for posts, but I had no photos.

I also mentioned before that I’ve been so busy with work, and hats off to the other bloggers out there working full time and blogging. I always read comments where people think bloggers don’t do much; just receiving freebies and that’s it. Well that’s wrong! IT requires so much of you to essentially create a brand out of yourself, and then market it.

After taking a break, and re-evaluating a few things, I now have a clearer vision for my blog. Monday’s post has seen the most visits ever! Engagement has also been great too on my socials. The break I took I believe has helped me see some amazing results, this week alone!

Why are Breaks so Important?

  • Re-Evaluation – When you are on a break, you have time to take yourself out of the box, or a situation, and assess it with a fresh viewpoint. When you take breaks often, you will find it easier to re-evaluate your goals, and approach things from a different angle.
  • Staying Focused (Not getting bored) – When you’re constantly at it, working, pushing forward, work again…sometimes things can get repetitive. And when you do the same old things become a routine, and you do it without thinking about it, it gets boring!
  • Avoiding Stress – What happens when you’re constantly busy working, and doing the most? You burn out. The worst thing you can start to feel is stressed. When you don’t take breaks often, and recharge, this is what happens. But resting, you will feel better mentally and physically – as well as approaching things with fresh energy!
  • Increase productivity – Now anyone who knows me, or has worked with me will know I have a mega short attention span. So I take many breaks, but I always produce work to the highest quality I possibly can, and I’m always on time. If not early! Taking a good break will give you fresh energy, a motivation to get something done, in the shorter amount of time.

As usual thank you for reading my post! Let me know what you thought of my tips, and which ones you think you will be implementing. Never miss a post, by following me on Bloglovin. Follow by click on the link or the + at the top. Keep up-to-date with my #ootd on my Instagram too! Share the love by liking, sharing and commenting.

Until the next post beautiful!

Tash XxX


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