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Christmas Gifts Guide – For Her & Him

Christmas Gifts Guide - For Her & Him - Style and the SassChristmas Gifts Guide - For Her & Him 1 - Style and the Sass

So today’s post is all about Christmas gifts, featuring my selected picks for him and for her. This gift guide features a range of products, from high-street to affordable high-end, for those special people you want to treat. Christmas is always the most busiest and expensive time of year, but we thank God for secret Santa to save the day on the bank balance haha!


Ladies are pretty easy to buy for. This is probably easy for me to say, but us ladies will drop hints for the gifts we want, until the cows come home for Christmas. So to the guys reading this, and friends too…if you haven’t been paying attention to the hints…start listening!

I personally find buying something small, but special always does the trick, especially when it’s something the person you’re gifting is really into. For example girls who are really into their makeup, would love a lipstick from Christian Louboutin. It seems like such a small simple thing…buying a lipstick, but as it’s more on the expensive side of things, she might be less likely to go out and buy it herself. In addition, if she is a sucker for presentation and luxe packaging like me, then this is a win!


I’ve selected a range of make up and skin care products to buy for Her. All these products I either love and have used, or would like myself (big hint). These products are a decent range from £30-150, depending on who you’re buying for. Also, these products make great Christmas gifts, that you may not go out and buy on a normal day.


Clothing is always a risky one to buy for her, as most women don’t trust the opinions of their partners. However if your buying for your friend, this should be no sweat, knowing what to buy for your friend, or your sister. Clothing, when selected right, make the perfect Christmas gifts to give! I always try to stick to buying something  that has been hinted, or a special piece that’s not too costly, but adds a luxe feel to your outfit. Like this top from Isabel Marant Etoile! I’ve kept the selection safe, with slogan tees, cashmere knits and pyjamas. The dress options are for the more hinted, or daring gifts!


Okay so I love this category…especially when it comes to Christmas gifts. Shoes and accessories are the completing elements to every outfit. Wearing those statement heels, or that small luxe bag can add a new layer of sass to your outfit, or transform an existing look! The top row of products below is my fave high-street pieces right now! I have the tan boots in black from Mango, and I haven’t stopped wearing them since I got it. The high-end picks are affordable (in the grand scheme of how much luxury pieces can cost!), but are enough to upgrade any outfit, and make super versatile staples!


Now men, in my opinion are a little harder to buy for. They won’t drop hints, or make it obvious as to what they want. Or they just go out and buy what they want. I’m guilty of this too! If I want something I just go out and get it. If your buying for him, it’s likely that he will be someone close like a boyfriend or partner. Or you could be buying for your dad or your bother! So, the picks I have below are for those special people.

My faves out of my selection is the L’Ombre Dans L’Eau by the French brand Diptyque. This fragrance has notes of blackcurrant and damask rose, and is eu du parfum. So, this is a masculine fragrance – and can also be unisex too, lasting up to 9-10 hours. For a luxe perfume, I thought it was a great price! I introduced a friend of mine to this fragrance, and he loved it! My other favourite pick is this silk tie from Lanvin…and it’s only £70! It’s beautifully knitted and made from 100% silk. If the man you’re buying for loves quality, these items are t are top for me, and great value for money. Anyway, here are my picks!


Secret Santa is a blessing to the bank balance! And I love it, as it ensures that everyone who is participating has a gift. Here are all my pics, all £10 and below! Enjoy!

Thank you once again for stopping by! Let me know what your favourite picks are! Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin.  Keep up-to-date on my #OOTD posts on my Instagram too.

Until the next post!

Tash XxX


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