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This Month’s Beauty Essentials

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid - Style and the sassCoconut Lane Phone Case & Rose Gold Twisted Nail Bracelet - style and the sassReal Techniques Brushes & Body Shop Essentials - Style and the Sass

Hi Guys! 🙂

Happy Monday! Yeah I know the weekend went by quick. This weekend was pretty chilled for me, but I have got my hair did! I will be posting this on my Instagram soon. Anyway today’s post is just a quick one about my beauty essentials and accessories I got this month.


First up is one of my fave day-to-day perfumes by Tom Ford called Velvet Orchid. I usually go between this one and Miss Dior by Dior (obviously haha), as my every day fragrances. I do love wearing a good perfume, I never buy eau de toilette, as it’s one of the weaker forms of perfume and it won’t last as long – so eau de parfum always. I also don’t mind spending a little more on perfume, and I’ve been getting into luxury fragrances recently. I might do a post about this soon.

This particular fragrance by Tom Ford will last up to 8 hours or so, and longer in clothing. The smell isn’t as powerful or as strong as Miss Dior, but it does leave a nice ‘hug’ smell – you know when someone gives you a hug, and says something like “ohh you smell good..”.


The next thing I got this month, is this black marble iPhone 6 phone case, and this twisted nail bangle from Coconut Lane. Now I love everything about this brand, and proud to be a coconut queen! I don’t usually keep patterned cases on my phone for long, but I haven’t taken this one off! The twisted nail bangle is also one of my new fave accessories. I some how lost the first one I got (screams) and had to get another one, as I was literally wearing it daily at one point.

Don’t forget to check out Coconut Lane, for cute but sassy home accessories, jewellery, sunglasses and much more! And when you do, use my exclusive discount code ‘styleandthesass20’ and get 20% of your order. You’re welcome in advance 🙂

Beauty Essentials

Even though I wear basic make up daily, I decided this month I’m going to take things up a level – so I bought these Real Techniques starter kit for your eyes. Loving them so far. These are really good and affordable brushes, especially if you’re starting out. I’ll post a make up look soon, so you can see how I’ve been using these to update my look.

Now I love Body Shop, and I use their body creams and shower gels daily. This month I thought I would try a new body butter, so I picked up their new Rose Body Butter, which also is available in a shower gel. Loving this so far! The Rose Body Butter is a lightweight cream, with an amazing smell, which stays on your skin throughout the day. Despite the cream not being as thick as the others, it still moisturises very well – which is important as I have dry skin. I will definitely be buying this again!


Perfume – Tom Ford Velvet 

Phone Case – Coconut Lane

Twisted Nail Bangle – Coconut Lane

Make Up Brushes – Real Techniques 

Body Cream – Body Shop

Shower Gel – Body Shop

I hope you enjoyed today’s read. Let me know what you picked up this month, along with any recommendations!

Tash X


  1. Ruth
    18th May 2016 / 2:43 pm

    Always addin to my perfume collection so will try your recommendations. Thanks 🙂 Love The Body Shop also.

  2. Jennifer
    20th May 2016 / 12:19 am

    Perfume lasting up to 8 hours, let me just make a purchase 🙂

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