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Valentino Spike Bag & Walking into 2019

Valentino Spike Bag & Walking into 2019 - Zara linen blazer - cycling shortsValentino Spike Bag & Walking into 2019 2 - Zara Blazer in Camel - Valentino Rock Stud heelsValentino Spike Bag & Walking into 2019 3 - Le Specs sunglasses - asos shorts - valentino heels - style and the sass - Tasha AntwiThe Valentino Spike Bag was top of my wishlist back in 2018. It was the run up to my birthday, and I wanted to treat myself. So I booked my girls trip of the season to Cannes, then bought my Spike Bag and a new version of the Rock Stud heels which were on sale on Monnier Freres.

2018 was my big year of change. I changed jobs and moved to a big media agency. I drop some ‘friends’ out and I took a break from blogging. I worked hard to maintain all the streams of income I have, and my mood and outlook on life evolved. My brothers’ autism got really bad, and sleep became a myth to my household. A lot happened last year, it wasn’t the worst, however, it wasn’t 100% my best. 

That being said, I’m forever thankful to God. The word say’s in all things we should give thanks. I know all these experiences contribute to shaping my character, my strength and who I am as a person. Anyway, now that it’s 2019, I’m ready and my mind is set to achieve all the goals I have set for myself. Let’s get into the post!

Valentino Spike Bag & Walking into 2019 5 - Tasha Antwi - Valentino Spike Bag in rose metallic gold  - style and the sass

Valentino Spike Bag & Cycling Shorts 

My style also evolved slightly once again in 2018, and here I am in cycling shorts! Just imagine, me?! This was a huge trend late 2017 and taking full force in 2018. It’s something I never imagined that me Tasha would wear. I assumed it was something only skinny people could wear, and is part of that bodycon look that’s not really my thing.

However, after Aimee Song from Song of Style popped up one day on my Instagram feed. She had styled her cycling shorts with a blazer, belt bag and trainers and I totally loved the look! Mixing casual separates with tailoring is a style I love and wish I did more of. It’s a great wear to get the most out of more structured clothing such as blazers. Pairing cycling shorts with this blazer is the best way for me to pull it off! 

The Valentino Spike Bag I had been eyeing up for a while, but couldn’t decide what colour I should get for a while. Everyone knows I love golds and metallics, so when I came across this on Monnier Freres I was lovestruck! It’s the smallest size they do in this size, however, it fits so much just like my Balenciaga Nano Mino City bag. This rose gold colour is beautiful, and little touches such as the hardware being a rose gold also adds to the beauty of the bag. 

2019 is going to be an amazing year for me. I will explore new territories, and gain promotions in three areas of my life. I believe in making declarations; faith without works is dead! So I’m going to work my hardest in these areas and do it with the same energy that Paul had. 2019 mood is Boss…

Valentino Spike Bag & Walking into 2019 6 - le specs sunglasses - zara tan blazer -tasha antwi - style and the sassValentino Spike Bag & Walking into 2019 7 - Tasha Antwi Head Shot - Style and the Sass

The Outfit 

Sunglasses – Le Specs via Monnier Freres 

Linen Blazer – Zara 

T-Shirt – ASOS

Cycling Shorts – ASOS

Valentino Rock Stud Heels – Monnier Freres 

Valentino Spike Bag – Monnier Freres 

Valentino Spike Bag & Walking into 2019 8 - Valentino rock stud heels monnier freres - Tasha Antwi - Style and the Sass



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