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What I’ve Learnt Since Making Changes

What I've Learnt Since Making Changes - Valentino spike bag rose gold - cecconis - style and the sass -What I've Learnt Since Making Changes 1 - style and the sassWhat I've Learnt Since Making Changes 2 - hm black cable knit jumper - faux leather trousers - style and the sassChanges. This is something I’ve spoken about previously on my blog in my post entitled ‘Embracing Change, It’s a New Season‘. From to the time when I wrote this post to now, I’ve been working hard to be the best version of me! Since this post was written I turned 30 (covers face), and you know what I’ve been living my best life! I’ve travelled, partied and chilled with my favourite people, but most of all I’ve learnt so much. 30 is when life begins, and the most carefree I’ve ever been!

In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about what I learnt from making a few changes in my life and day-to-day. The good and the bad and how things have unfolded, and what I plan to do next. June is around the corner, and I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by! If I’m honest I’m cringing slightly from these pictures. Christmas dinner is still evident, especially on my face – however, I have lost a lot of weight since I took these pictures.

valentino spike bag rose gold - black hm jumper - schutz suede heels

Changes, Learnings, Musings

Since I started making changes, I’ve been to places I have never been to before. Or thought I could go, and gained new experiences and met fab people along the way. Starting a new job was a big change for me. Working as part of a large media agency, rather than a digital independent comes with new processes. Working for the largest toy company in the world, it’s taken me to the brands native country in Europe, as well as New York.

My friendship circles have been so tight, however, my network has grown.  This year I’ve met people who have inspired me, motivate me to work towards my future aspirations. There is true value in your network; you know what they say, your network net worth. I’ve learnt it’s not everyone you share your business with, your dreams and your aspirations. Just because people are always around you and you speak to them and laugh with them daily, doesn’t always mean they are close to you… I’ve learnt to stay clear of the dream assassins, who use their words, negative thoughts and bad energy to dim your shine.  A reflection of their insecurities with not having the courage to get up and try something new!

Most importantly, I’ve learnt the importance of talking. It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s important that we encourage each other to speak of our issues so we can support each other. My two younger brothers both suffer from Autism. Very few friends ask me how they are doing, but I realised it’s because I never speak about them. It’s nothing to do with shame, they are the people I love most. However, my day-to-day can be quite heavy when I do share with people. More recently, the behaviour of one of my brothers has become more difficult to manage. Speaking about this has relieved me of some of the burdens that come with being a carer.

If you made it this far reading this, I encourage you to evaluate what needs to go from your life and to get out there and try the thing you always dreamed of. Life is too short, and you owe it to gratitude!

black hm cable kinit jumper - faux leather trousers - style and the sass

The Outfit

Jumper – H&M

Leather Trousers (Faux) – H&M

Shoes – Shutz

Bag – Valentino via Monnier Feres

hm black faux leather trousers - style and the sass

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