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Zara’s Satin-Finish Mini Skirt & Spring Style

Satin-finish mini skirt Zara - Balenciaga Mini City 1 -Tasha Antwi Satin-finish mini skirt Zara - Balenciaga Mini City -Tasha Antwi Satin-finish mini skirt Zara - Top shop sandles 2 -Tasha Antwi Hello fabulous readers! Today we are going to be talking about spring styling and this pink satin-finish mini skirt from Zara! It’s 2021, we’re still in the middle of this pandemonium, the thing that shall not be named. However, we have light at the end of the tunnel, we will be gradually going back to ‘normal’ life somewhat. When it’s June 21st I will be out on these streets as a homeless peacock, doing the absolute most. But anyway, let’s get into it haha!

I mentioned in my previous post ‘Oversized Blazers & Autumn Mini Skirts‘, that mini skirts have become a new staple in my wardrobe. Mainly due to me losing a significant amount of weight last year, I needed to buy new clothes asap and mini skirts from Zara become a thing. I’ve also decided to inject a bit of colour into my wardrobe, as I dressed in black most of last year. Black will always be a favourite colour for me to wear, but I’ve decided to take developing my personal style more seriously this year and to experiment more.

Mini Skirts & Spring Fashion

Mini skirts as previously mentioned have become a new staple in my wardrobe, and I’m not sure when this will die down! Before the end of last year, I realised I was wearing a lot of black and decided it was time to inject colour into my wardrobe. This pink skirt caught my eye when it dropped on the Zara app due to the colour. It reminded me of a skirt I had seen on Instagram, and saved as inspiration and never knew where the skirt was from. The skirt is described as it being a ‘satin finish’, with a scalloped hem which makes it very flattering on your legs. It’s high waisted and is fitted at the top and loose at the bottom.

I styled it with some old faves in my wardrobe, as these days I am shopping less and less, in order to consciously invest in more quality clothing that I wear time and time again. The shirt is real silk and is from &Other Stories, and I bought it roughly two years ago or so. However, this is the first time it is making a debut on my blog but has been featured many times on my Instagram. The bright mustard-yellow of the shirt goes well with my skin tone, and as it’s real silk (and heavy-duty silk), it looks expensive and looks the same as when I bought it. The Balenciaga Mini City bag is a long time favourite of mine. I believe the mini bag trend is starting to die down now, however, I still love it for now!

I decided to colour block the skirt and the mini skirt together, rather than wearing it with something safer like a white shirt. Colour blocking is something that never really goes in our out of fashion which is great! Colour blocking is very much in this spring of 2021, however, the trend we have seen from the shows is colour blocking of pastel colours. I will be experimenting with this trend, so warning you there is a possibility that my blog may become a rainbow.

Anyway, let me know what you think of this look, and have a fabulous rest of the week!

Satin-finish mini skirt Zara - Top shop sandals 3 -Tasha Antwi
Dior Forever Foundation - &Other stories silk shirt - Zara mini skirt - Tasha Antwi yellow &Other stories silk shirt - pink mini skirt Zara - Balenciaga Mini City bag - Top Shop sandals - Tasha Antwi

&Other stories satin shirt - Zara mini skirt - Tasha Antwi

The Outfit

Silk Shirt – &Other Stories (alternative)

Satin-finish mini skirt – Zara

Shoes – TopShop (black version) alternative 

Bag – Balenciaga


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